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How To Study Because I Clearly Don’t Know
How :)
Step 1: Just flip through the pages, just looking at pictures, diagrams,
graphs, etc. to just estimating how many words are there and how long
the chapter is. Don't read at this point, just flip the pages.
Step 2: Go to the end of the chapter and read the questions, if available.
This gives you a sense of direction. What to look for in the book. What
does the author consider important?
Step 3: Read the bold print. Read the titles, the subtitles, the
subheadings. This gives you a sense of structure.
Step 4: Read the first sentence and last sentence in each paragraph. A
good author would introduce the paragraph in the first sentence and sum
it up in the last.
*Keep this in mind if writing.
* Note that we still haven't started reading for comprehension. We are reading for
Step 5: Now read the chapter for comprehension and take notes