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Bilge keel- help reduce rolling of the ship
Bulbous bow- break the wave before it hits the hull
Deck crane- lifting device for handling cargo hoses or supplies
Railing- a fance made of bars at the edge of the deck
Gangway- ramp or set of stairs used for boarding or leaving the ship
Scupper – an opening alowing water to flow off deck
Mooring winch- machine used on deck for securing and ajusting the tightness of mooring lines
Forward spring- mooring line at the forward part, pointing diagonally and aft
Forward breast- mooring line at the forward part, pointing at right angles
Head line- mooring line at the forward part, pointing ahead
Aft spring- mooring line at the aft part, pointing diagonally and forward
Aft breast- mooring line at the aft part, pointing at right angles
Stern line- mooring line at aft part, pointing aft
Bits and bollards- cylindrical shaped posts (pillars) used to tie up or change the direction of the
mooring lines
Windlass- machine used on deck to lift or lower the anchor chain
Appliances- dispozitive
Stowage- depozitare
Ingress- patrundere
Oar- vasla
Hawser- Hawser is a nautical term for a thick cable or rope used in mooring or towing a ship
Receptacles- recipiente
Bailing- Bailing is the process of removing water from a vessel
overhauling – revizie
alleyway / passageway – hol, coridor
laundry- room for washing clothes
mess room- the place where the crew eat
galley- bucatarie
provision store- area for storage of food
slop chest- shop on board
lounge- area where the crew can sit and relax
staircase- set of stairs inside the accomodation
bridge- deck from where the ship is controlled
deck log book- book for recording details and events during the voyage
gps- satelite based navigation system
speed log- device displaying the ship speed
echo sounder- device for measuring and showing the water depth
wheelhouse- the room from where the main steering wheel and the engine telegraph
steering wheel – wheel for steering the ship
magnetic compass- instrument pointing to magnetic nord
engine telegraph- device for signaling or setting the required speed from the bridge to the
engine room
radar- device using radio signals to detect other ships or land objects
radio communication system- used to communicate on board, or other ships or shore
VHF- small radio for short communication
ECDIS- navigation system using electronic charts (maps)
Bridge wings- extentions of the wheelhouse to the ship shide
Bridge wing controls- control pannels located on the bridge wings
Main engine- turning the ships propeller
Auxiliary engine- connected to a generator to produce electricity
Boiler- clesed vessel producing steam
Engine controll room- area for monitoring and controlling engine systems
Spare parts store- a place where spere parts are located
Steering ghear- machinery that turns the rudder
Bilge- the lowest part of the hull and machinery spaces
Hatch- intrare cu capac in jos
Line- mooring line
Manhole- acces to a tank
Mast- stalp
Pilot ladder
Shackle- o chestie de fier in forma de potcoava care se inchide la gura cu o bara, e pentru
Spanner- cheie gen cheie de 14
Hook- carlig
Angle grinder- polizor unghiular
Air vents- allow air to flow into a tank
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