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Human Resources
Effective Date:
February 2, 2009
Date(s) of Revision:
March 9, 2017
Non-Critical Incident Procedure
MHCO shall provide and pay for medical coverage as part of the group plan for all full‐time, permanent
employees. Employees have the option of adding coverage for their spouse or children at their own
expense through payroll deduction. Life insurance is combined with medical coverage and may not be
taken separately. All insurance coverage begins on the first day of the month immediately following a full
ninety (90) day orientation period after the date of employment.
MHCO shall provide and pay for group life and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for fulltime, permanent employees at no expense to the employee. MHCO shall provide and pay for
unemployment insurance as required by North Carolina state law at no expense to the employee.
MHCO does not provide insurance for any employee’s personal property. This applies to storm, fire,
vandalism, auto, and theft insurance. Employees are expected to assume responsibility for their own
property whether they live on or off campus. MHCO does not offer paid long‐term or short‐term
disability other than the coverage offered through the sick leave plan or provided under Workers
MHCO shall provide adequate professional or officer’s and director’s liability insurance and protection
for all employees, volunteers, interns, board members, and residents. Personnel and board members shall
be bonded against theft and misappropriation. Other adequate insurance policies shall be obtained for
worker’s compensation, disability, fire, theft, medical, indemnification, automobile, property, and
casualty. An umbrella insurance policy shall be provided to cover additional risks not covered under other
insurance policies such as cybersecurity. Additionally, some professional associations provide coverage
for members in good standing. Board members and personnel shall be notified annually of insurance
coverage related to the scope of their activities performed for MHCO at orientation and at the time of
insurance renewal.
MHCO has an insurance agency to provide our workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance applies
to bodily injury by accident or bodily injury by disease and includes bodily injury resulting in death. The
covered bodily injury must occur during the policy period of that carrier and MHCO and the injuries must
occur or be aggravated by the conditions of employment. The insurance does not include:
 Injuries that result from a violation of the law,
 Bodily injury intentionally caused or aggravated by the employee,
 Injury occurring outside the United States of America
 Fines or penalties imposed for violations of law, or
 Accidents or injuries that occur while on time off.
Other conditions may apply and the claimant should familiarize him or herself with these limitations and
laws. Additionally, injured employees must abide by several specific guidelines if they are to remain
eligible for this benefit. Failure to comply with the provisions of this directive and the insurance carrier
will result in the loss of benefits. The following are included:
 Provide for immediate medical and other services required by the workman’s compensation law.
Report with written documentation the accident to the Agency claims representative (i.e. Chief
Financial Officer) immediately following the injury.
Promptly surrender all notices, demands and legal papers related to the injury, claims,
proceeding, or suit.
Cooperate with the insurance carrier representatives in their requests for information.
Do nothing to hamper the insurance carrier’s investigation.
Do not voluntarily make payments, assume obligations, or incur expenses, except at personal
All employees that are injured on the job, regardless of severity, are required to submit to a post-accident
drug test within twenty-four (24) hours of the injury/incident when sent to the physician’s office per the
Non-Critical Incident Procedure. It is the responsibility of the injured employee to arrange for this testing
and that failure to comply will be grounds for denial of benefits. All employees must agree to adhere to a
prompt return to work and accept light or restricted duties as directed by medical care provider of the
Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier’s choosing.