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Vedic Age Bellwork
• Aryans
• What language did these people bring to the Indian
• Sanskrit
• Brahmans, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra
•WWBAT: Discuss the major
beliefs and teachings of the
Hindu Religion especially the
impacts of Dharma and Karma
• 9/11/2015
• Hinduism Notes
Core Beliefs
the world
oldest continually practiced religion in
third largest religion in the world
no single origin or specific founding date
founder of Hinduism
no single holy book
many significant Hindu writings
The Bhagavad-Gita is a conversation
between a warrior and a god.
there is little agreement about whether it is polytheistic or
little concern in the Hindu world about this
Hinduism is a theistic religion
god is a manifestation of
one Supreme Being,
• Brahman is too complex for people to understand
other gods represent concrete aspects
• Brahma the Creator
• Vishnu the preserver
• Shiva, the destroyer
• Every person has their own atman, or inner-self/soul
can only be known after enlightenment
ultimate goal
is to achieve moksha or unity with
takes more than one lifetime, Hindus believe in
• When a soul achieves
moksha it breaks out of the
cycle of reincarnation
soul will be united forever
with the divine(Brahman)
belief that every action brings an equal reaction
• If a person does a good deed, they will be rewarded in the future
good or bad deeds affect one’s future
performed in two ways:
• Nishkãm karmas
performed without any expectation of material gain,
ego, or material desires
• Sakãm karma
performed with an expectation of material desire or
the idea
that religious duties
can help one acquire
merit for the next life
• Obedience to religious and moral laws based on which
caste a soul is in
both worldly joys and
eternal bliss
Hinduism Bellwork
• Dharma and Karma
• There is no specific founder
• A soul breaking out of the cycle of reincarnation and achieving unity
with Brahman