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The World’s 3rd most popular religion
The oldest of the major religions in the world
Originated in North India
The main symbol of Hinduism is called the ‘AUM’
• Hinduism teaches that there is one great power called
‘Brahman’ also known as Atman or the soul.
• Reincarnation – when you die your soul moves in to
another body.
• Karma – Your actions and behaviour dictate whether
good or bad things will happen to you in your next life.
• Worship at least once a day
• Worship may include; meditation, repeating the names
of god or listening to readings from holy books.
• Most common form of worship is called ‘Puja’.
• Hindu’s only believe in ONE God, Brahman, BUT
there are many different God’s sent to help people
find Brahman.
The three main Gods that make up the ‘Trimurti’. They
work together to maintain the circle of life in the universe.