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What are the world’s major religions
and who were their founders?
 Aryan
religion was based on the Vedas
– 4 main Vedas; each with their own
sacred hymns & poems
– Praises many gods
 Was
basis for Indian religion for
– Then was blended with ideas from other
countries to form Hinduism
Hindu Beliefs
 Believe
in many gods.
 Brahman created the world and
preserves it.
–Believe EVERYTHING in the
world is part of Brahman.
–It is the reality.
Brahma the Creator
Siva the Destroyer
Vishnu the Preserver
Life and Rebirth
 Everybody
has a soul (atman) inside
 Ultimate goal is to unite your soul
with Brahmam
–May take multiple lifetimes.
Souls are born and reborn.
Karma and Dharma
 Person
who has died will be reborn.
–Good or bad in next life is decided by
your karma
 Karma- effects actions have on your
 Taught each person has a duty to
accept their place without complaint
–This is obeying dharma
 Popular
with ALL levels of society.
–By accepting their place in
society it helped preserve the
caste system.