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Loooloo Textiles –
Biodegradable fabric within three months,
closed loop recycling system.
Stone Island –
Heat sensitive. Changes colour between body heat and
-5 degrees due to crystal heat sensitive finish.
Fabrican –
Spray that produces a non-woven fabric that
can be washed and reworn.
A collaboration between the Imperial College
and the RCA led by Dr Manel Torres
Patagonia Fleece –
Recycled, 83% recycled plastic soda bottles (PCR).
The company also has a fixing, return policy with old and damaged fleeces.
These will then be recycled themselves.
Chromosonic textiles –
Sound and heat responsive, Judit
Eszer Karpati created this fabric
that changes colour through
heat and/or pressure, as it
warms the internal wires.
Electric fabric –
Embedded with electroluminescent wire the clothes from
Vega Zaishi Wang are inspired by bioluminescence of deep sea life.
This has also been used for visibility purposes on motorbike clothing.
Christopher Reaburn –
Recycled waste, Inspired by traditional military clothing and the industrial waste
Material, he reappropiates this into a full fashion collection. He has used
parachute silk, tents and the latest collection is a full lifeboat
completely recycled, including all the materials inside.