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Auxiliary Accounting Updates
Rhonda Inman
Manager, Auxiliary Accounting
Office of the Treasurer
Fiscal Year-End Schedule
• Auxiliary vouchers must be approved
by July 19th
• Balance sheet backup
• Reporting and non-reporting variance
analysis and balance sheet backup
are all due on Friday, August 9th
Auxiliary Voucher Recode in KFS
• Still unresolved
• Continue to use alternate entries
• Entry to current period: DI
• Entry to prior period: DI and Accrual
Voucher posting to prior period
Website enhancements
• Includes:
• Downloadable Outlook calendar
• Accrued Payroll Liability Variance
• FMS-Unclaimed Property Guideline
Upcoming project
• Assigning capital assets to auxiliary
specific 95* accounts
• General auxiliary organization/account structure
• Operating 60* and/or 66* accounts
• R&R 92* account
• Plant 95* account
• Helps to ensure assets, accumulated
depreciation, and depreciation expense are
correctly consolidated in the organization’s
financial results
Account reconciliation update:
• Dave Gooptu, Chief Accountant and
Managing Director, FMS
• Currently working with VCs of regional
campuses and will then move to BL and
• Focusing on high risk accounts first,
which includes auxiliary accounts
• Attestation that reconciliation has
occurred, not how to reconcile
Proposed ASOPs
• IUF gift recognition (vs. sales and
services provided to IUF)
• Budgeting for depreciation
• Transfer of Funds
• Variance analysis-All highlighted
variances need to be explained
Payroll accruals