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Curriculum vitae – summary
MD, DrSci, Professor
Court Pedersen
Falkoner Alle 86
2000 Frederiksberg
University of Copenhagen, 1978/79
Infectious diseases, 1994
Internal medicine, 1995
Current position.
Professor and Senior Physician, Department of Infectious diseases Q, Odense University
Hospital and University of Southern Denmark,
"Infection with human immunodeficiency virus type-1. Seroconversion, chronic infection
and the development of AIDS", University of Copenhagen, 1993.
Author or co-author on more than 300 papers published in peer review journals. First
author on 51 papers. According to Web of Science: h-index 39. Speaker at several
International Conferences.
Scientific activities
Head of Infectious Disease Clinical Research Unit, which is currently involved in research
within chronic viral hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, pulmonary infections, and blood stream
infections. I am currently supervisor for 8 Ph.d. students. Has previously been supervisor
for 8 Ph.D. and 3 Dr. Sci’s. The unit has 3 study nurses. The unit participates in
international studies, among these studies sponsored by EU. Member of assessment
committees for more than 20 Ph.D theses and 5 doctoral theses
Other relevant activities.
Referee for among others Ugeskrift for Læger, Drugs, AIDS, Scandinavian Journal of
Infectious Disease, International Journal of Cancer, Journal of Infectious Diseases, HIV
Member of End-point Committee in NIH sponsored trials (Esprit, SILCAAT and START)
Consultant, Danish Ministry of Public Affairs
Board member, Statens Seruminstitut
23. October 2012
Court Pedersen