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Infectious Disease
Joe Schmoe
George Weasley
Hermione Granger
Harry Potter
Mrs. Miller’s Period 0
Infectious Agent
• What kind of organism is it?
• Put a picture of your infectious
agent here.
Symptoms of the disease
• List the symptoms here
• Put a picture or drawing of
someone sick with the disease
How the disease is spread
• Use words to describe how the
disease is spread here.
• Put a picture or diagram here
showing how the disease is
spread or the vector(s) involved
Incubation Period
• How long after infection is it
before a person gets the
symptoms of the disease?
• Put a picture here that is a good
visual of the passage of time.
Treatment and/or cure
• List treatments
• Picture of treatments
• Describe what can be done to
avoid getting sick.
• Insert a picture of someone
doing what is necessary to
prevent a disease.
Fun Facts
• When was the disease
• Who discovered a treatment or
• Where was the disease
discovered first?
• Pictures here
Life Cycle of the Disease
Sources of information and pictures:
• List hyperlinks here!