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Small Animal
Scott Weese DVM DVSc DipACVIM
University of Guelph
Where are we now?
Current affairs in your industry
• Successes
• Increasing awareness of infectious disease challenges amongst SA
vets and pet owners
• Zoonotic and animal diseases
Where are we now?
Current affairs in your industry
• Challenges
• Poorly unified veterinary sector
• Dispersed diagnostic testing
• Not all done in Canada
• Varying methods (and quality)
• Lesser individual impact compared to livestock sectors so less
overall motivation
• Limited interest/mandate by some regulatory bodies
• Anecdotally increasing (uncontrolled) international movement
• Importation of foreign infectious diseases
• Climate change increasing vector-borne disease risks
• Emerging diseases (including antimicrobial resistance)
• “value” hard to quantify
Where are we going?
Future initiatives
• Few formal efforts
• Disease mapping initiative
• Industry (e.g. IDEXX)
• Antimicrobial stewardship group
• National culture and susceptibility
• Point-in-time, biased population
What will help implement the
OAHN in your industry?
• Formal integration of disease surveillance and mapping
• Communication with/between diagnostic laboratories
• Improved primary care veterinarian communication and
• Recognition of the economic impact, social impact and human
health impact of companion animal infectious diseases