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By Ryan Feeney
 Sugar
cane is usually grown in:
 The USA, Britain, Brazil, China, India,
Mexico, Hawaii, Louisiana and Texas.
 Sugar
beet is usually grown in Britain, the
USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Iran, Japan, China and
the Russian Federation.
 Brown sugar is healthier than normal white
 If
you do not exercise after eating something
with sugar in it, you can gain weight, and
that is not good.
 Brown sugar is not as bad as white sugar.
 You can put brown sugar in lots of things,
including porridge.
 Sugar is composed of hydrogen , oxygen and
 Too much sugar can affect your memory
 Sugar was called “sweet salt” and it was
 Sugar
does not rot your teeth. It is actually
the bacteria that off it.
 Sugar gets turned into fat if you do not
exercise after eating or drinking something
with a lot of sugar in it.
 Sugar can be used to make things sweeter.
 Some people can have a gene which can
make them addicted to sugar.
 Some pills called Obecalp are made of sugar.
 You can get diabetes and heart problems if
you eat way too much sugar.