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1. How could you test whether you were actually
collecting cells from your cheeks? What piece of
laboratory equipment might you use?
2. When washing dishes, what works better, warm or
cold water? Which do you think will help the
detergent break open the cell, warm or cold
3. Do you think your DNA will be visible after you
have broken open your cells? Why or why not?
4. Where do you think you would find proteases in your
body? Hint: Where do the proteins that you eat get
broken down?
5. Have you ever tried to add sugar to iced tea? Does
the Sugar dissolve easily? How does this compare to
dissolving the same amount of sugar in the same
amount of hot tea?
6. Imagine you are trying to explain the difference
between chromosomes, genes, And DNA to a
friend’s or your younger sibling who is two years
younger than you. Write down your explanation in
simple words that they could understand.
7. Does a liver cell contain the same chromosomes as a
cheek cell? Explain your reasoning.
8. If you wanted to isolate a copy of the gene that codes
for a protein found in the stomach, could that gene be
located in the cheek cells? Explain your reasoning.