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DNA Tutorial
1. Log in
2. Click on transcribe and translate a gene.
3. Complete the tutorial.
4. Return to
5. Click on tour of the basics
6. Start with the module. What is DNA?
7. Answer the following questions.
a. What is DNA?
b. What does it look like?
c. How can this molecule hold information?
d. How can only four letters tell the cell what to do?
8. Move to the next module. What is a gene?
9. Answer the questions
a. What is a gene?
b. What are genes made of?
c. Genes are the instruction manuals for building what
d. Give examples of proteins that genes give instructions for?
e. What can be the result of a changed or mutated gene?
10. Now proceed and answer the questions for the next module.
What is a chromosome?
a. What is a chromosome?
b. How does DNA fit into a cell?
c. How is DNA package into chromosomes?
d. How does chromosomes relate to DNA?
e. How many chromosomes does a cell hold?
f. What can we learn from looking at chromosomes?
11. Finally move to what is a protein?
12.Move through this tutorial and answer the following.
a. What is a protein?
b. How do they work in your body?
c. What roles do proteins play in sending pain signals?
d. What is the structure of nerve cells?
e. Describe structural proteins?
f. What happens when a cell needs to make a protein?
g. What is the protein-making machine called?
h. Why do cells need thousands of proteins to function?