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Model Answers: Space Exploration
Before You Move Ons
Pg. 101
1. Galileo’s observations changed people’s understanding of
space by using a telescope to show that humankind was not at
the center of the universe.
2. I think so many people in the early 1990’s wanted to be
astronauts because people have always been interested in
outer space and they were excited at the opportunity to be
able to go.
3. A Manned Maneuvering Unit is important to an astronaut
in space because it allows him or her to move and fix things
without being tethered to the space craft.
Pg. 103
1. The line “Astronauts need to eat, breathe, [and] sleep,” gives
3 details that support the main idea “astronauts must do
all the things people on Earth must do in order to stay
2. If I was an astronaut working in space, my day would look
like this:
a. Morning: eat breakfast from a tube, brush teeth, exercise for 2 hours
b. Afternoon: eat lunch from a can, repair satellite in an MMU
c. Night: eat dinner from a box, read up on how to fix satellites
Pg. 105
1. If I had the chance, I would not live in a space station
because I would be too afraid of not getting back home safely
to see my family and friends.
2. The International Space Station will be used for
conducting experiments, doing research and helping countries
learn to cooperate.