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Develop your creativity:
Explore your mathematical skills:
Make a model of the solar system.
(4 points)
Make a net (an unfolded 3D shape) of a
telescope. (3 points)
Create a collage or model of a space
rocket. (3 points)
Find out how many Earths would fit into the Sun
and how many Earths would fit into Jupiter. (2
Write a biography or fact file about a
famous astronaut. (3 points)
This half term’s star homework
theme is:
Write a poem or story about space. (3
Write a travel guide to the moon. (3
Use the internet to find the sunrise and sunset
times of a chosen place. Use the data for the
first of the month only to drawa bar chart or
graph of daylight hours. When was the
longest/shortest day? What is the average
length of a day? (3 points)
Visit a museum that has a space
exhibition – take photos and make a
scrap book. (4 points)
Extend your scientific and
research skills:
Choose projects to achieve
Keep a moon diary for two weeks. (3 points)
Find out about astronauts who have
travelled in space. (3 points)
eclipse. (3 points)
5 Star Points
Research the new ‘Earth-like’ planets that
have been discovered. (3 points)
Make a Power Point Presentation. (3 points)
Investigate what would cause a solar
You can add with your own
ideas too! Tick off what you
have completed to achieve
your points.
Online Safety:
Make a poster that shows how you stay
safe online. (2 points)