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Space Exploration
Answer each of the following questions as you view the video.
1. People have been studying space since ____________________________.
2. The 1st astronomer to use a telescope to study the night sky was ___________.
3. Rockets are different from airplanes because they use __________________ to
launch instead of _________, like an airplane.
4. In the investigation with the bottle, ___________ and ______________ were
used as fuel.
5. The “Space Age” began in the year________________.
6. The “Space Race” took place between the United States and ______________.
7. The first satellite in space was _______________, launched by
8. __________________ was the 1st man in space. He was from
9. Apollo 11 carried the 1st men to the ___________. It was launched by
10. ______________, _______________, and _________________ were
involved in the Apollo 11 mission.
11. The Space Shuttle is different from other spacecraft because it is
12. Space suits protect the astronauts from ____________ and ___________.
13. Astronauts are taller in space because ____________ is not compressing their spinal
14. Space stations are used for _________________________________.
15. A light year is the _____________ light _____________ in a year.
16. Polaris, the North Star, is _____________ light years away from Earth.
17. in 1986, the Space Shuttle __________________ exploded during launch.
18. ____________ and __________ are tools that help us explore deep space.
19. _____________, _______________, and ______________ are types of
satellites orbiting Earth today.
20. ________________ is a probe that collected information from __________ in a
1997 mission.