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Cover letter: Applying for TA at Apollo English.
To Apollo English manager,
October, 3rd,2021
I would like to apply for the Teaching Assistant position at your center, seeing that you
are hiring on LinkedIn. Currently, I am a senior at English Department of Hanoi
University. I have worked as a TA for a children English center before, therefore, I have
a handful of experience in monitoring kids and communicating with foreign teachers.
English and communication are my strong points as I have done many presentations in
classes, a long with taking MC role in Voice of Hanu, Hanu English club.
I want to become your Teacher Assistant because I always hope to work for a big, wellknown and quality English center like Apollo. Moreover, I also like teaching especially
children, hence, I hope to learn more in children education from the Center. In addition, I
wish to contribute what I have learnt to bring enjoyment in English to the Center’s
students, active assistant to the teachers in classes and comprehensive assessments.
I would like an opportunity to meet and have an interview with you. I am looking
forward to your reply. Thank you for your consideration