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Science 9 Space Exploration
Topic 8: People in Space
Pages 420-428
Vocabulary: read the textbook and define the following terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
The U.S. and the former Soviet Union deeply ____________ each other and became very
__________________. They tried to outdo and __________________each other. This
competition thrust these countries into a space ____________ to be the first to put
______________ and _____________ into space.
Breaking Free of Earth’s Gravity
To escape the earth’s gravity objects must reach a speed of about ______km/s or
The Soviet Union was the first to successfully orbit a _____________with no astronauts
(Sputnik1 in 19___). The Soviets were also the first to put a person (___________
_____________) in space in 19____.
The first American astronaut in space (part of Project ___________) was ________
_____________ aboard Freedom ____ in 19_____. He made a suborbital trajectory. The
first American to make a full orbital flight was ______ ________in 19____.
What is the difference between a suborbital flight and a full orbital flight?
The Apollo Program
The ________ program was the next major goal of the American Space Program. It was
designed to send a three person team to the _________, land ____ of them, and bring
everyone back safely. In the summer of 19_____, Apollo ____ carried the first humans to the
_________; namely, Edwin __________, Michael ____________ and Neil
Who was the first to walk on the lunar surface and what did he say?
Apollo astronauts left ___________ on the moon so that _____________ could bounce
_________ pulses off them to determine the _____________ to the moon within a few
Meeting In Space
The first international space mission called Apollo/Soyuz was a joint effort between the
__________ and _____________ flown in 19_____. It was proposed by the
_______________ and it was hoped it would be a preparation for a future international effort
in building a permanent _____________ _____________.
Scientists had astronauts and cosmonauts do strenuous exercise in space for
_______________ periods of time. Even with this exercise, their muscles were so
__________ upon arrival to earth that they had to be ____________ from their space
____________ and placed in ________________ because in space there is no
_____________ and muscles _____________ or deteriorate. In contrast, on earth we are
always working against _____________
Because the Soyuz and Apollo provided ________ support in different ways a _________
_________ type module was designed between the American and Soviet craft. The module’s
atmosphere can be set to be the same as existed on either craft to make moving easier
between the two.
The Space Shuttle
To lower the high costs of using a spacecraft only once the ___________ __________ was
designed as the 19____’s drew to a close. They are ______ m long and have a mass of
_______t. They are used as NASA’s primary _______ vehicle to do ______ experiments,
deploy ____________, to _____________ earth, and to carry _________ crews for
_____________ equipment.
The first shuttle ____________ flew in 19_____ - it sustained minor _______ damage during
___________ but returned safely because its __________ tiles were intact that protect it
from burning up on re-entry. Seven months later Columbia flew again but this time with the
____________-built space arm (the _______________). It has been part of all
___________ since.
In 19___, the ___________ Space Agency hired Canada’s first team of ______ astronauts
(_____________, _____________, ______________, ____________, ______________
and ______________. In 1992 _____________, ____________, ______________ and
_____________ joined as well. These ______________ astronauts spend most of their time
___________ with the _____________ at NASA.
The first Canadian in space was ____________ ___________ aboard _____________ in
19___. Roberta _____________ became the second _____________ and the first
____________ _________in space aboard _____________ in 19____. Both these
astronauts were __________ specialists conducting ______________. Chris
____________has been on ____ trips into space and in 2001 he became the first Canadian to
“_______” in space. On this occasion he was helping to attach ____________2 (also called
the Canadian space station remote manipulator system – SSRMS) which even has a special
purpose dexterous manipulator also called the Canada _________.
The International Space Station
The ____________ Space _________ Project (ISS) involves _____ nations. It is the largest
and most _________ international _____________ project ever undertaken. It will contain
____ state of the art ____________ for international _____________. In addition to the
U.S. other major partners are _________, _____________, _______________ and
_______________. Interestingly, _____________ has been working on its own manned
__________ _________ for the last several __________ but they are somewhat secretive
about this.
Name 5 benefits of the International Space Station
Define microgravity
Topic 8 Review Page 428
Do Questions 1 – 5
DUE DATE: ______________________
Topic 6-8 Wrap Up Page 429
DUE DATE: ____________________
UNIT 5 EXAM: ___________________________