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Pretest / Study Guide
Space Explorations
Vocabulary: Write the word next to the correct definition
1. ___________________________________trained to be a crew member in a space craft
2. ___________________________________man-made object that revolves around another object in space
3. ___________________________________ to send off
4. ____________________________________force that pulls objects to the center of the earth
5. ____________________________________attach by a rope or cord
6. _____________________________________to move in a curve around the Earth
7. _____________________________________vehicle used to travel to space
8. _____________________________________place where scientific experiments are conducted
9. _____________________________________having no weight
10. _____________________________________regular checking and fixing
11. _____________________________________powered backpack that allows free movement
Reading Strategy: Skim and Take Notes use the strategy to make notes on the following passage.
Space on Earth
Space exploration has been very important to our lives on Earth. Many of the inventions that were specially
invented for space use has been changed so that they can be used by us. Some of the items we currently use are
food wrappers, underwater watches, thermal clothes, and many more. Some of these inventions are now used for
protection, for example the smoke detector. Every house now has smoke detectors that alert us when there may be a
fire. Smoke detectors have saved many lives. With exploration continuing in space there will be more inventions
that will make life easier, protect us, and possibly even save us from diseases.
Grammar Verbs: Match the words with the definition. Then identify the verbs
Action Verb
Passive Verb
Linking Verb
Helping Verb
a) the word connects the subject with a word in the predicate
b) the subject does not perform the action, someone else does
c) comes before the action verb
d) the subject performs the action
Astronauts are sent to outer space to gather data._________________________________________
Astronauts perform experiments in space laboratories. ____________________________________
Space experiments are helpful_______________________________________________________
Space technology is adapted for use on Earth.___________________________________________
Reading Comprehension: Choose the best answer
1. To live in space means that astronauts still need to ____________________________________________
2. Space stations are used to ____________________________________. The station that holds the longest
hours stayed is ______________________________station.
3. One reason space stations should be built is to gather information that will help us find__________________
for diseases.
4. For years humans have dreamed of space travel. They shared their dreams through __________________ and
____________________________ to learn about the heavens.
Writing: Answer and provide an example.
1. What is an International Space Station?
2. What are the requirements for astronauts? Why is it important that they be chosen carefully?