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main regional cooperation mechanism keeping alive the EU accession perspective of the
Western Balkan countries by producing tangible results. Aiming initially at enhancing regional
connectivity, this process has shaped a positive momentum by extending its support to the
WB6 reform processes engaged at the domestic level. Through the application of conditionality
of financial support of the large regional infrastructure projects, it has included the regional
cooperation dimension into the domestic policy cycle of WB6 countries. This has resulted in the
intensification of regional political and technical cooperation.
Berlin process critics range from integrationists that estimate it as a diversion from the real thing
(i.e. fully fledged EU integration), to BP outsiders that want to open up the close circle of EU
countries (six until now) that are involved in it. Its internal challenges are rather country related
- such as the turbulent political situation in Macedonia or in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the justice
reform in Albania, the complexity of technical and procedural conditions, or the small amount of
financing available as compared to the investment needs.
Each of the EU countries hosting the Western Balkans Summits, has contributed to its
consolidation and expansion. However, the missing permanent structures and internal
governance rules may reveal as limiting factors in the future. 2018 being the last year of its
current cycle, a serious assessment should start regarding its impact and the need to continue
(or not) in the next years.
The Paris Summit of 4 July 2016 marked the mid-term mandate of the Berlin process. So far,
this new format has provided a positive impulse for an intensified cooperation amongst the
Western Balkans Six, as well as between them and EU, deliberated as “the region’s greatest
achievement of recent times”21.
Suma Chakrabarti, “‘We have led the way on investment in the Western Balkans”, EBRD President’s speech to
the Western Balkans Investment Summit, EBRD Press Office, 22.02.2016, available at: