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Topic: The Cold War
Weeks: 11Handouts from ”Key English” and ”Essential modern
world history”
The aims are that the pupil shall be able to
 Explain features of history and geography in Great Britain and the USA
 Communicate and converse about contemporary and academic topics
 Express oneself fluently and coherently, suited to the purpose and situation
 Express and justify own opinions about different topics
 Use the central patterns for pronunciation, intonation, word inflection and different
types of sentences in communication
 (…) chose and use content from different sources in a verifiable way
The student shall be able to:
 Explain what the Cold War was
 Discuss the Cold War and talk about historical events in English
 Give examples of how Communist and capitalist beliefs are different
 Explain how Stalin and the other leaders ruled Eastern Europe
 Explain when and why the world was close to a nuclear war - The Cuban Crisis
 Explain why some people think “people power” brought about the collapse of
New words: (write only a couple of
 Cold War
 Allied forces
 Communism
 Capitalism
 Yalta meeting
 Potsdam meeting
 Atom bomb
 The Iron Curtain
 The Truman Doctrine
 The Marshall Aid
 The Berlin Blockade
 The Berlin Wall
 Superpowers
 People power
 Perestroika
 Glasnost
Read texts and work with tasks
Watch and work with documentaries
Prepare your own presentation.
Evaluation (formal)
Oral presentation