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Monitoring the Berlin Process: From Paris to Trieste
In December 2016, the 112 prioritized projects are distributed amongst the sectors as below:
Business Infrastructure
Figure 3: Number of projects of NSPP
The total financing need of those 112 NSPP is EUR 6.27 billion. The financing structure is
still overwhelmingly suffering from the (though already reduced) financing gap, and currently
composed as indicated below:
State Budget
Financial Gap
Figure 4: Financing structure of NSPP
76 out of 112 projects have a regional relevance and have been assessed as coherent to the
relevant regional strategic priorities of the respective sectors.
IV.3. The to-do list of Albanian government
Regarding the reform measures, in the ERP 2016-2018, Albania engages to implement the
following priorities in the energy and transport sector:
Reform Measure 1 deals with further liberalization of the energy market. It consists in drafting
and adoption of bylaws in accordance with the provisions arising from the law on power sector
and the law on gas sector. The government has committed to fully implement the Energy
Community Treaty and the soft measures adopted under the Berlin process, and to liberalise
the energy market as well as to introduce gas to the energy mix;
Reform Measure 2 aims the diversification of energy sources (gasification) and consists in: a)
Drafting and adoption of the Gas Master Plan for Albania and Project Identification Plan; and,
b) Implementation of “Capacity building project for Large Gas Infrastructure Developments in
Albania with the Private Sector” (Grant from Swiss Government of EUR 6.6 million);
Reform Measure 3 regards the feasibility study for construction and upgrade of the AdriaticIonian Corridor. Consist in: a) Preparing an investment plan for the portion of SEETO Road
Route 2 in Albania that optimises economic returns; and, b) Undertaking environmental and
social analysis of the route investment plan third quarter 2016.
Regarding investment in infrastructure, Albanian government acknowledges the need for largescale efforts to modernize the transmission network and diversify the energy supply. In the
transport sector, the onus is on the completion of existing big infrastructure projects (AdriaticIonian Corridor and Port of Durrës), and the preparation of the future ones with analysis and
quantified assessment on their final impact on competitiveness.