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Elections must be free and open to the majority of the
country’s citizens to establish a democracy. If national
elections are closed to certain segments of the population
or are forced, the elections are less likely to establish a
democratic form of government
Advocates of military intervention often state that
Germany and Japan were able to establish
themselves as democracies partly because of policing
and sanctions by the international community
The establishment of a legislative body is an extremely
common step in the process of democratization
between the acceptance of an authoritarian government
and the election of a president or prime minister. The
legislative body often serves to anchor the nation in the
democratic process, providing an avenue for voters to
discourage leaders who attempt to become dictators
Since the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
(USSR) collapsed, the majority of smaller nations
that the USSR had aided strengthened their
sovereign powers. If they had chosen not to do so,
other countries would likely have dominated them
Dogs were first domesticated in Southeast Asia
An agreement between two countries to grant dual citizenship
to members of a certain ethnic group would be most likely to
unify the ethnic group. A real-life example of this can be seen
in the case of the Indian Tamils. In the 1960s, the Indian and Sri
Lankan government agreed to give Indian Tamils citizenship to
Sri Lanka. There are multiple diverse communities of Tamils in
India and Sri Lanka, yet the bonds between most of them have
strengthened since Sri Lanka and India formed this agreement
Devolution is a dispersal of the central government’s
powers. Basque groups in Spain could directly force
a devolution of the Spanish government by gaining
political control over certain regions of the country
The lack of political unity among nations in the
Middle East makes it difficult for them to address
supranational concerns, which are issues beyond
the authority of a single government. An example
of a supranational concern is the interest to
preserve sites of cultural heritage
When two or more nations with political
differences form a federation, they must unify
Pigs were first domesticated in Southeast Asia
Nations that want a resource that another
nation possesses would be likely to try to limit
the powers of the nation with the resource
The end of the Cold War allowed electoral
geographers to study political cleavages where they
had not been able to before: Poland and the Czech
Republic. These nations were formerly Communist
states that had been heavily influenced by the
former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
Agriculture: deliberate land modification through plant cultivation
and raising animals for food or profit.
• Percentage of labor force MDC: 5%
(avg.), LDC: 55%
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Subsistence Agriculture:
food production primarily for farm family consumption
Example: slash and burn
Commercial Agriculture:
• food production primarily for sale off the farm
• Can Start as subsistence farming, excess sold
• Can transition to pure commercial agriculture
integration of commercial agriculture into food processing,
usually by corporations
The Second Agricultural Revolution occurred from
around 1750 to 1900, at the same time as the
Industrial Revolution
The Third Agricultural Revolution is sometimes
referred to as the Green Revolution
Locations farthest from large bodies
of water, such as oceans, are more
likely to experience extreme climates
Chickens were first domesticated in Southeast Asia