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Formative Assessment -1
Class: VIII
Date: 25.05.2014
Max.Marks: 20
Time: 60 min.
General Instructions:
 All questions are compulsory. Marks are indicated against each question.
 Ink killers/whiteners should not be used in the answer scripts.
 Write the same question number as given in the question paper.
1. Observe the diagram below and answer the questions that follow:
a) Identify cells A and B
b) Give two differences between cell A and cell B
c) Name the parts marked (i), (ii) (iii) and (iv)
d) What is the function of (iv)
e) Give the importance of Ribosomes.
2. a) What are leucoplasts?
b) Animals depend on plastids present in plant cells for their living. Explain how.
3. a) Mention the uses of plastics based on their conductivity of heat & electricity.
b) Give two advantages of Synthetic fibres over Natural fibres.
c ) Why are Nylon fibres used in making parachutes and fishing nets?
d) What are Blended fibres? Give one example.
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4. Study the given diagram and answer the following questions:
a) With reference to polymer chains, how are A and B formed?
b) Name the kind of plastic formed in A and in B.
c) Mention one use each of PVC and PET.
5. Give reasons:
a) The structure of nerve cell connected to its function.
b) Cell division important for all organisms.
6. Define the following:
a) A cell
b) Polymerisation
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