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广东海洋大学教师论文被 SCI-Expanded 收录情况统
检索数据库: Engineering Village 2
检索年代: 2003 年
检索策略: Author Affiliation : zhanjiang ocean univ or zhanjiang ocean university
检索日期: 2005 年 9 月 19 日
检中条数: 4 条
Improved program of automated grid for the need of model test measurement
Accession number: 03327584785
Authors: Bai, Yiru ; Bai, Shiwei ; Feng, Chuanyu
First author affiliation: Eng. Coll., Zhanjiang Ocean Univ ., Zhanjiang 524088, China
Serial title: Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and
Abbreviated serial title: Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao
Volume: v22
Issue: n 4
Issue date: April 2003
Publication year: 2003
Pages: p 543-546
Language: Chinese
ISSN: 1000-6915
Document type: Journal article (JA)
Publisher: Academia Sinica
Abstract: The mark spots are arranged on model surface by automated grid, and displacement
field can be obtained by analyzing displacements of spots. When the model test is made, the
model is often excavated. When model is excavated, the mark spots are removed. This causes
big trouble in computer automatic recognition and handling, program of automated grid must be
compiled again. Model test is made by automated grid, and images are handled by the program
improved. Results show that the program woks well and can meet the practical needs
Number of references: 10
Ei main heading: Rock mechanics
Ei controlled terms: Deformation | Automatic target recognition | Models | Excavation
Uncontrolled terms: Automated grid | Model test | Displacement field | Model surface
Ei classification codes: 483.1 Soils & Soil Mechanics | 421 Strength of Building Materials;
Mechanical Properties | 723.5 Computer Applications | 405.2 Construction Methods
Treatment: Experimental (EXP)
Database: Compendex
2. Quantitative determination of saponins from bulbs of lily
Accession number: 04158112624
Authors: Ji, Hong-Wu ; Ding, Xiao-Lin
First author affiliation: Dept. of Food Sci. and Technol., Zhanjiang Ocean Univ ., Zhanjiang
524025, China
Serial title : Linchan Huaxue Yu Gongye/Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products
Abbreviated serial title :Linchan Huaxue Yu Gongye
Volume: v 23
Issue: n 4
Issue date: December 2003
Publication year: 2003
Pages: p 54-58
Language : Chinese
ISSN: 0253-2417
Document type: Journal article (JA)
Publisher: Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products
Abstract: A quantitative analytical method of lily (Liliwm brownii var. colchesteri)
saponins was studied by colorimetry. Results show that lily saponins can be well calculated
according to their colorimetric absorption at 406 nm by using ultrasonic treatment of the
sample in methanol for 1 h, and extracting for 4 times with n-butanol (1:1, volume), applying
HClO 4 (5 mL), 20 min at 55°C for colorimetric reaction. The method established has less
interference, good precision, simplicity, rapidity, and can be well adopted for determination
of saponins in a great deal of lily samples.
Number of references: 10
Database: Compendex
3. Thermooxidative degradation methyl methacrylate-graft-natural rubber
Accession numbe r: 03407661605
Authors: Li, Si-Dong ; Wang, Chen ; Xu, Kui ; Peng, Zheng
First author affiliation: College of Science, Zhanjiang Ocean University , Zhanjiang 524088,
Serial title: J ournal of Applied Polymer Science
Abbreviated serial title: J. Appl. Polym. Sci.
Volume: v 90
Issue: n 5
Issue date: Oct 31 2003
Publication year: 2003
Pages: p 1227-1232
Language: English
ISSN: 0021-8995
Document type: Journal article (JA)
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Inc.
Abstract: The thermooxidative degradation of methyl methacrylate-graft-natural rubber (MG)
at different heating rates (B) has been studied with thermogravimetric analysis in an air
environment. The results indicate that the thermooxidative degradation of MG in air is a onestep reaction. The degradation temperatures increase with B. The initial degradation
temperature (T o ) is 0.697B + 350.7; the temperature at the maximum degradation rate, that
is, the peak temperature on a differential thermogravimetry curve (T p ), is 0.755B + 368.8;
and the final degradation temperature (T f ) is 1.016B + 497.4. The degradation rates at T p
and T f are not affected by B, and their average values are 46.7 and 99.7%, respectively. The
maximum thermooxidative degradation reaction rate, that is, the peak height on a differential
thermogravimetry curve (R p ), increase with B. The relationship between B and R p is R p =
2.12B + 7.28. The thermooxidative degradation kinetic parameters are calculated with the
Doyle model. The reaction energy (E) and frequency factor (A) change with an increasing
reaction degree, and the variational trends of the two kinetic parameters are similar. The
values of E and A increase remarkably during the initial stage of the reaction, then keep
relevantly steady, and finally reach a peak during the last stage. The velocity constants of
the thermooxidative degradation vary with the reaction degree and increase with the reaction
Number of references: 17
Ei main heading: Rubber
Ei controlled terms: Polymethyl methacrylates | Thermooxidation | Degradation |
Thermogravimetric analysis | Thermal effects | Mathematical models | Calculations | Reaction
kinetics | Grafting (chemical)
Uncontrolled terms: Thermooxidative degradation | Methyl methacrylate | Doyle model
Ei classification codes: 818.1 Natural Rubber | 815.1.1 Organic Polymers | 802.2 Chemical
Reactions | 801.4 Physical Chemistry | 641.1 Thermodynamics | 921.6 Numerical Methods
Treatment: Experimental (EXP)
Database: Compendex
4. Research of intelligent information retrieval system based on three layers agent
Accession number: 04128072271
Authors: Xie, Shi-Yi ; Liu, Jia-Cun ; Wang, Han
First author affiliation: ZhanJiang Ocean University , ZhanJiang 524025, China
Serial title International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics
Abbreviated serial title: Int. Conf. Mach. Learn. Cybern
Volume: v 4
Publication year: 2003
Pages: p 2329-2332
Language: English
ISBN: 0780378652
Document type: Conference article (CA)
Conference name: 2003 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics
Conference date: Nov 2-5 2003
Conference location: Xi'an, China
Conference code: 62425
Sponsor: IEEE SMCTCC;Hebei University;Northwestern Polytechnical University
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract: With the development of Internet, we put forward high requests for information
retrieval. First, efficiency; second, personalizing. In this paper a model and an algorithm
are proposed which are according to the user's retrieval habit of learning and the
intelligent information retrieval system that has inner relativity of three layers agent
structure. This is a trend that using artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of
information retrieval, which need more research and practice.
Number of references: 5
Ei main heading: Information retrieval
Ei controlled terms: Intelligent agents | Internet | Learning systems | Artificial
intelligence | Search engines | Query languages | Fuzzy sets | Vectors | Mathematical models
| Algorithms
Uncontrolled terms: Information agents | Information resources
Ei classification codes: 903.3 Information Retrieval & Use | 723.5 Computer Applications |
723.4 Artificial Intelligence | 723.1.1 Computer Programming Languages | 723.3 Database
Systems | 921 Applied Mathematics | 921.1 Algebra
Treatment: Theoretical (THR)
Database: Compendex
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