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The Changing Earth-CScope Unit 4 Vocabulary: Types of Soil
Clay- a type of soil with very fine particles, that is pliable when wet and hard
when dry
Gravel-a type of soil made of large-sized particles and pebbles
Hummus-a rich, dark layer of soil made of decaying plants and animals
Loam-a type of soil containing a mixture of other soils and rich in humus and
Mineral-a nonliving solid object with a crystal structure found in nature
Nutrient-a substance needed by an organism to grow and survive
Particle-a small piece or part of a substance
Sand-tiny pieces of broken rocks
Sediment- small particles of rock, roil, sand, or shell deposited by water,
wind, or ice
Silt-a type of soil made of fine-grained sediment
Soil-the layer of Earth’s surface consisting of small pieces of rock, decayed
plant and animal matter, and minerals
Topsoil-the top layer of soil, often the richest in nutrients for plant growth
Water- a clear liquid that falls from the sky and fills oceans, rivers, and