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Science Chapter 2C Study Guide
Minerals are substances that form in the Earth from nonliving matter.
Gneiss is a kind of rock formed through great heat and pressure.
Oil is a fossil fuel formed from microscopic organisms.
Useful materials that come from the Earth are natural resources. (air, water, soil, trees, coal)
Humus is a dark brown or black nutrient found in soil.
Soil erosion can be prevented by plant roots.
Sandy soil is easy to dig, but has few nutrients.
Clay soil has tiny pieces very close together; it is smooth
Loam is a good planting soil; it contains humus.
Recycling metal & aluminum cans helps conserve ore.
A landfill is a lot of garbage piled up and buried in soil.
Using less of a material is a way to reduce the amount used.
We can conserve water by fixing leaky faucets.
An ammonite is an animal that lived in the sea and became extinct about the same time as
Earthworms are animals that help the soil by digging tunnels.
Compost is a collection of leaves, food scraps, and organic material.
Paper is made from trees and can be recycled.
Soil contains weathered rocks, decayed material full of nutrients, water and air.
Steel is an important metal made from iron ore.