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Agenda 10-02-2015
1. Introduction: Objectives and Purpose
2. Homework
3. Science Fair:
• Review of Literature
4. Self-Directed Time with Chromebooks
Students will be able to:
– Plan and carry out a scientific investigation.
Students will be able to:
– Apply the knowledge gained to plan and
complete a science fair project.
• Work on Projects:
• Science Fair
• Review of Literature Topics, Titles and
• Due Friday, October 9th
• Hispanic Scientist/Inventor
• Due Tuesday, October 6th
Special permission only needed if you work with
humans, microorganisms, animals, animal tissue
or DNA.
Hint: check Dr. C site, “City Science Fair” link.
Due Friday, October 9th
Purpose and Hypothesis
• Problem
• Hypothesis
• Variables
Review of Literature
Materials and Methods of Procedure
Review of Literature
Section with background information that helps
understand and explain the topic related to the project.
Example: If the project is about “The Effect of Soil
Temperature on Plant Growth; this section should include
the following titles:
• Plant Growth
• Factors that Affect Plant Growth
• Soil
• Importance of Soil for Plants
• Effect of Soil Temperature on Plants
Review of Literature: Practice
• Copy the graphic organizer on loose leaf paper
• Work with a partner
• Select two projects
• Identify purpose or problem; hypothesis;
variables and possible topics (at least three)
• Place your work in the tray
• Get your assigned Chromebook
• Work on your projects
• Consider your priorities and deadlines