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Comic Strip to Explain Digestion
Task 1: Cut out the boxes and stick into your exercise book. Draw comic pictures to show
what you think happens to food from top to bottom.
The food leaves the
stomach and goes into the
small intestine. It is mixed
with more enzymes to
break it down even more.
Useful substances from
the food pass into the
When we swallow, the food
goes down the gullet to
the stomach.
Undigested food from the
large intestine is stored.
This solid waste passes
out of the anus.
Food goes into the mouth.
The teeth chew the food.
The food is mixed with
Food that we cannot
digest goes from the small
intestine into the large
intestine. Here water
passes out of the
undigested food into the
In the stomach, the food
mixes with acid and
enzymes. The acid and
enzymes help to break
down the food
The mouth.
The small intestine.
The anus.
The gullet
The large intestine.
The stomach
The Digestive System
On the diagram below, write in the name of the organ that each line is pointing
to. Use these words:
small intestine
Now cut out the boxes at the bottom of the page showing the functions of
these organs. Stick the correct box underneath the correct organ name.
Water is absorbed here.
More enzymes are added
here, to complete digestion.
The soluble food is
Faeces are stored here.
Takes food to the stomach.
Food is ground up here and
mixed with saliva.
The food is churned up with
strong acid here and