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报告题目:Combining user review and rating for POI recommendation in location-based social
networks(基于位置的社交网络中结合用户评论和评级的 POI 推荐)
报告人:悉尼科技大学 Guandong Xu 博士
报告时间:2016 年 1 月 13 日(星期三)下午 4:00
报告地点:西南交通大学犀浦校区 9431
主持人:李天瑞 教授
讲座内容简介:With the pervasive use of mobile devices, Location Based Social Networks
(LBSNs) have emerged and become popular in past years. These LBSNs, allowing their
users to share personal experiences and opinions on visited merchants, have very rich
and useful information which enables a new breed of location-based services, namely,
Merchant Recommendation. Existing techniques for merchant recommendation simply
rely on rating data and treat each merchant as an item, and apply conventional
recommendation algorithms, e.g., Collaborative Filtering, to recommend merchants to a
target user. However due to the individual difference existing in user rating, rating values
themselves do not give exact preferences of user. On the other hand, apart from user
rating data, user reviews which convey accurate user preference information are
inadequately considered in existing techniques. In this talk, we report our recent work
addressing above two problems by 1) analyzing user reviews to discover user preferences
in different aspects; and 2) leveraging the numeric order of ratings given by a user within
a certain period to capture user real preference based on utility theory. We conduct
experiments to evaluate the proposed approaches in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and
cold-start using two real-world datasets. The experimental results show that our
approaches outperform the state-of-the-art methods.
主讲人简介:Dr Guandong Xu is a Senior Lecturer and Program Leader of Social and Web
Analytics in the Advanced Analytics Institute, University of Technology Sydney. His
research interests cover Data Mining, Web and Text Mining, Recommender Systems, Social
Analytics, especially Social Network Analysis and Social Media Mining. His research has
gained research funding from Australian/Chinese governments, universities, and
Industries, e.g., ARC, NSFC, DEST, ACSRF. In last ten years, he has had over 100+
publications including three monographs, journal and conference papers in TNNLS, KAIS,
Inf Sci, WWWJ, KBS, IJCAI, AAAI, WWW, ICDE, ICDM, CIKM. He has been serving in
editorial board or as guest editors for several international journals, e.g., Assist EiC of
WWW Journal. He is also active in organizing or serving for international conferences and
workshops. He is a PC Co-Chair of IoP15, ASE-ICDS15, ASONAM14, BESC14 conferences.
He holds IEEE and ACM membership.