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Video Game Review Template
1. Describe for your readers the basic facts they need to know about the video game, including its name,
date of release, age rating, publisher, and the platform (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, or Gamecube, for
example). If it's a computer game, list any minimum or recommended system requirements.
2. Briefly describe the objective of the game and the method of play. Are you trying to shoot the bad guys,
win a race, or solve a puzzle? If it is a multiplayer game, how many gamers can play?
3. Express your opinion of the game play, using specific examples from the game to support your opinion.
Address issues such as the game's difficulty, the ease of using the game controls, whether the length of
the game seems appropriate, and generally how much fun the game is to play.
4. Evaluate the sound and graphics, describing how they affect the overall quality of the game. Tell the
reader whether the graphics look crisp and attractive, or whether they are fuzzy and the animation looks
5. Describe how well you think the game's appeal will hold up after repeated replaying. Consider whether
there are any expansion products currently available or in the works that will increase the longevity of
the game.
6. Compare the game to others in the same genre to help readers determine whether this game might be
for them.
7. Conclude the review with your overall opinion of how cool the game is and your recommendation.
Give the game a rating of some kind and justify your rating. Who might want to purchase this game,
who should rent it, and who should avoid it altogether?