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Hi Ashley,
As an essential member of the larger MJH Group family, your safety and that of
your sub-contractors is a number one priority to us. We promote safe practices
throughout everything we do and are committed to providing safe working sites
for the public, our tradespeople, contractors, suppliers and employees.
As a part of this commitment, we are consistently looking for ways to improve our
processes and to help you achieve your requirements when it comes to Work,
Health and Safety (WHS) compliance.
We’re excited to announce that we have recently revamped the way that we collect
and administer your WHS compliance documents through the use of an industry
leading technology, RISK360 Certify.
So, what is it?
The new web based compliance system will replace the Subby Pack and make
completing WHS forms even easier through a simple online process. You will also
be able to manage your data more effectively (update your personal details on
documents once, rather than many times), record evidence of your training and
competencies, access Toolbox Talks and benefit from auto updating training
registers in real time.
What are the benefits?
A huge step above the previous outdated and time-consuming paper based
system, this new software will not only streamline the process of updating and
delivering your WHS compliance documents, it will save you time and effort,
provide a simpler management system for your documents, and offer an easy and
effective way to manage your own sub-contractors.
As well as these benefits, the new system has a greater ability to help you to
demonstrate that you have met your legal compliance requirements on the
following aspects:
Communication, consultation and reporting (Toolbox Talks);
Risk management (High Risk Activities);
Hazard identification (Site Specific Risk Assessments – SSRA’s);
Information, training and instruction (company inductions and specific
trade work activity training); and
Incident reporting (Managing Corrective Actions).
RISK360 are currently developing additional features for their software that will
present even more benefits to users. These features will be released in the
coming months and will include:
An iPhone / Android App that will allow you to conduct real time Site
Specific Risk Assessments (version 1 scheduled for June release);
An iPhone / Android App that will enable to you to conduct Toolbox Talks
and record attendance (version 1 scheduled for July release);
The technology will automatically update your training register in the
future (pre-release in May ahead of general release in June); and
An iPhone / Android App that you can use to conduct real time Incident
Reports (version 1 scheduled for August release).
How will the shift to RISK360 Certify occur?
The transition to RISK360 will occur in stages. During the initial stage, RISK360
will be requesting and recording insurances, contractor licences and contractor
statements. This will be followed by the launch of the brand new system in the
months following. All your current documents will remain valid and you will be
contacted by Risk360 when these are due to expire. If you have recently
submitted a Subby Pack or your pack is due to expire before the release of the
RISK360 system, we will still contact you to request the existing Subby Pack.
We are aware that some of you may not have access to a computer or have the
compatibility to undergo this process; both the MJH Group and Risk360 will be
assisting and supporting you in the transition to the new system so that you can
meet your requirements.
As a way of demonstrating our belief in and commitment to RISK360 and the
financial investment we have made in the development of the system, MJH Group
is subsidising the subscription costs for all our contractors and suppliers. This
means that the system will be available to you, with all apps and ongoing
upgrades included, at a nominal annual cost of $120.
Do you have any questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact any of our WHS
team members or RISK360 if you have any
questions about the transition to this improved
system for WHS Compliance management.
Alternatively, if you would like more information
on Risk360 Certify you can download their
brochure by clicking here.
Please contact our WHS team on 02 4918 2200
or contact RISK360 on 1800 085 937 or by email
to [email protected]
We will be in contact with you
shortly to provide more information
on the conversion to this exciting
new technology.
Yours sincerely,
Bill McDonald and Andrew Helmers
Directors – MJH Group