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Email: [email protected]
Philip Derbeko
Ben-Gurion University
2015 – Present
PhD in Computer Science
Preliminary research topic: “Privacy in distributed databases and processing”. Under supervision
of Prof. Ehud Gudes and Prof. Shlomi Dolev
1999 – 2004
MSc in Computer Science (Machine Learning) – Cum Laude
Thesis title: “Explicit Learning Curves for Transductive Learning and Applications to Clustering
and Compression Algorithms'' under supervision of Dr. Ran El-Yaniv and join work with Prof.
Ronny Meir. Grade: 88
BA In Computer Science – Cum Laude
1996 – 1999
Peer-reviewed papers:
 “Security and privacy aspects in MapReduce on clouds: A survey”, Elsevier, Computer
Science Review, May 2016, Vol 1.
``Explicit Learning Curves for Transduction and Application to Clustering and Compression
Algorithms'', Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), Volume 22, pp. 117-142,
``Error Bounds for Transductive Learning via Compression and Clustering'', In Advances in
Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 16, pp. 1085–1092, MIT Press, Cambridge,
MA, 2003.
``Variance Optimized Bagging'', In Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on
Machine Learning (ECML), pp. 60–71, 2002.
Conference and Seminar Talks:
 `` Automatic Storage Allocation Using Fuzzy Control'', Mass Storage Systems and
Technology (MSST) Conference 2005, Monterey, US.
``Information vs. Speed Tradeoff in Journal'', IBM Storage Seminar 2004, Haifa, Israel.
Over 16 years experience in software development industry covering startup companies
and international corporations.
Patents: over 30 US patents (with numerous pending applications).