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Effect of Copper on Carbon Diffusivity in PremoMet® Alloy Problem Statement: Determine the mechanism behind PremoMet® alloys’ mechanical proper/es. Objec/ve: Determine how carbon diffusivity is affected by alloying elements such as copper? Key Findings: • 
Carbon diffusion coefficients • 
Decreased with increasing copper content from 0 to 0.5 wt.%, then increased. More dependent on copper at higher temperatures. Carbon clustering •  Up to 20 at.% carbon enrichment at clusters. •  0 wt.% Cu had longer clusters. •  0.5 wt.% Cu had much less clustering. •  1 wt.% Cu had more clustering and a smaller cluster size. Dynamic Characteriza/on Group Approach: •  Direct Method: Carburiza/on •  Calcula/on of diffusion coefficients from carbon profiles. •  Mechanical proper/es. •  Indirect Method: Tempering Kine/cs •  Mechanical proper/es. •  Atom Probe Tomography (APT) analysis of carbon clustering. Contact: Mitra Taheri, PhD Hoeganaes Assistant Professor of Metallurgy [email protected] (215) 895-­‐6618