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The Modern Middle East
The Cradle of Civilization
The Modern Middle East
What will we be learning?
Where and What: The Middle East
The Difference: Arab and Muslim
The Difference: Sunni and Shia
The aftermath of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
The Persian Gulf War and the rise of Osama bin Laden
What we knew about 9/11
The Attacks on 9/11
Afghanistan & Iraq
What and Where
The Middle East
Differentiating Terms
Arabs and Muslims
Differentiating Terms
Arabs and Muslims
What is the difference between someone who is Arab
and someone who is Muslim?
The Arab World
Differentiating Terms
Arabs and Muslims
Ethnic Group
Religious Follower
Lives in, or is from, an Arab country
Believes in Islam
(does NOT include Iran, Israel, or Turkey.)
Speaks Arabic
Although MOST Arabs are Muslim,
it IS possible to be a Arab and
Christian or Jewish.
However, MOST Muslims are NOT
A Muslim is a follower of Islam
So, what’s the difference
between Sunni Muslims
and Shia (Shi'ite)
Differentiating Terms
Sunni and Shia
After the death of the prophet, Muhammad, in 632 AD, the Islamic
community would split. This is where the Sunni and Shia are different.
Believed that the successor to the
prophet Muhammad should be
Believed that the successor to the
prophet Muhammad should
remain within the prophets family.
Abu Bakr would be the first Caliph
Ali Abu Talib would be the first Imam
Constitutes roughly 85% to 90% of
the Muslim population
More like a
More like a
The Aftermath of Afghanistan
What group fought the Soviets during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?
The Mujahedeen – a coalition of Afghan tribes.
Following the retreat of Soviet troops in 1989, and the fall of the Soviet
Union in 1991, Afghanistan would enter into a period of civil war from.
1992 to 1996.
One of the groups consisted of Afghan refugees recruited from Saudi backed
religious schools in Pakistan.
These fanatical students were “Talibs”, Pashto for “students”.
These “talibs” would for the Taliban.
The Aftermath of Afghanistan
Many of the Taliban were already trained by the CIA.
During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the USA printed $51m worth of
reading material aimed at spurring “Islamic fanaticism”.
Urge the Mujahedeen to fight viciously and endlessly against the Soviet Union.
By 1996, the Taliban would be in control of Kabul, and thus Afghanistan.
The Taliban would welcome Osama bin Laden (UBL) in 1996 after his expulsion
from Sudan. UBL would become the head of Al-Qaeda.
The Aftermath of Afghanistan
What would anger Osama bin Laden if the United States had
supported the Mujahedeen during the Soviet invasion?
The Persian Gulf War
The Persian Gulf War
1990 to 1991
Sadaam Hussein
The Persian Gulf War
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