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Evolution is the core theme in biology
Descent from a common ancestor with
Natural Selection as the main mechanism that
drives the evolution of adaptive evolutionary
Life does not occur without energy exchanges
• For example:
Photosynthesis and respiration
All species tend to maintain themselves from
generation to generation using the same
genetic code.
However, there are genetic mechanisms in
place that can lead to change over time, or
Molecular interactions
Cellular interactions
Organismal interactions
Community interactions
regulate life
The way that anything
works is correlated to
its structure.
Cristae (folds)
Includes both
biotic and
abiotic factors
Scientific Method
Hypothesis characteristics:
• educated guess based on background information
• testable
• Controlled experiment characteristics:
• control group and constants
• experimental group(s)
• independent and dependent variables
support hypothesis
test repeatedly
reject hypothesis
hypothesis becomes theory
reject hypothesis
modify or abandon hypothesis