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What is Science?
• Science is the process of observing,
asking questions, and finding things
out about the world around you.
• The process is called the Scientific
Who is a Scientist?
• A scientist is someone who observes and
questions those things around them, makes
predictions, and tests their predictions.
Then, scientists would draw conclusions
based on their results.
• Which of the following are scientists?
• Winnie the Pooh
• Plumber
• Doctor
-Toddler learning to
• Problem: Ask a question you can
answer by performing an experiment.
– Example: Which snack will not melt in my
backpack by lunch time?
– Example: Which soap will kill the most
– Non-Example: Which birds are pretty?
• “Educated Guess”
• This needs to be statement that is
your prediction of what will happen.
• Remember it is an educated guess, so
give a reason why you feel that your
hypothesis is true.
• For Example: I predict that the
chocolate snack will melt in my
backpack before the lollipop. I have
found from my past experiences
that …..Therefore,….
• Materials: Include metric units.
• Procedure: Tests the hypothesis.
• Should be written in steps not paragraph form.
• Make sure it is accurate by repeating or using
large experimental groups.
• Needs to have a control, independent variable
and a dependent variable.
Experimental Group
• The group, items or things in the
experiment that all of the testing is
done on or to. This group will give
you the answer to the problem and
this group will prove your hypothesis
to be correct or incorrect.
• This can be data, graphs, tables,
pictures, etc..
• There should not be a conclusion
drawn here!
• Analyze your results here! Explain
what it all means. Answer whether or
not your hypothesis was supported.
• Your conclusion should never be a yes
or no answer. Your conclusion should
be a few sentences.