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FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Each Assignment will be used with the ScienceSaurus Book as seen above.
Each topic is a low scoring area on the 8th Grade FCAT tests due to the fact that the material is
not taught in the 8th grade.
These assignments should be review for your child and bring up knowledge gained in past
academic years.
Answer keys are available upon parent written inquiry.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
The Atmosphere
Read sections 213, 214, and 215. Fill in the blanks below.
Earth’s Atmoshphere
The __________________________ is a mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth.
The two major elements in Earth’s atmosphere are ____________________ and ________________________. The
most abundant element in the atmosphere is ___________________________ at 78%. High in the atmosphere, a form
of oxygen called ___________________ shields living things from much of the harmful radiation given off by the sun.
The _________________ is where all of the Earth’s weather happens. This is the layer of the atmosphere where the
ozone layer is located.
Read section 216. Fill in the blanks and diagram below.
Water Cycle
The ________________ ____________________ is the continuous movement of water between the surface of Earth
and the troposphere. The water cycle happens because of three repeating processes:________________________,
_______________________________,and ________________________.
___________________________ is the process in which liquid water changes into invisible water vapor. Transpirations
is a special type of evaporation where water vapor is released to the air from the leaves of plants.
____________________________ is the process in which water vapor changes into liquid water. ______________ are
evidence of _______________________________.
___________________________ occurs when water or a form of ice falls from the atmosphere to Earth’s surface.
Read section 218 and 227 and fill in the Venn diagram below.
Weather & Climate
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Read sections 203, 204, 205, & 224. Fill in the blanks below.
Ocean Currents & Air Pressure
_________________ ___________________ flow through the world’s oceans.
_________________ ___________________ are rivers of water that move through the ocean’s surface. The paths of
the currents are determined by winds and the Coriolis effect.
The paths of winds and ocean currents curve because of Earth’s shape and rotations. The effect of Earth’s rotationon
winds and currents is called the ________________________ ________________________.
___________________ ___________________ is a measure of the weight of air pressing down on afiven area of Earht’s
surface. Changes in air pressure tell you that changes in weather are on the way. Generally, ______________
_______________ _______________ means that stormy weather is coming, When air pressure rises, _____________
_____________ is coming.
Bill Nye: Atmosphere
Station #1
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Define each word below and draw a picture that represents that sphere.
Biosphere -____________________________________________________________________
Geosphere - __________________________________________________________________
Cryosphere - ___________________________________________________________________
Atmosphere - __________________________________________________________________
Hydrosphere - ________________________________________________________________
Station #2
Draw and label the water cycle here based on the information provided.
The Cell Review
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Complete the following using section 076, 077, & 078.
A feature shared by all organisms is that they are made up of one of more cells. A ___________________ is the basic
unit of structure and function of life. A cell is a living unit. New cells can only come from ________________________
There are many different kinds of cells, but all cells can be broken down into two basic categories. Cells that do not have
membrane-bound structures are called _________________________. Cells that have membrane bound structures are
called __________________________________.
Many organisms are __________________________, or made of only _____________ cell. Other organisms like
earthworms, trees, mushrooms, and humans are ________________________________. They are made up of many clls
that work together to keep the organism alive and help it reproduce.
Label the animal cell below and define the labeled organelles.
Cytoplasm – a ____________________________ fluid that takes up most of the space inside a cell.
Nucleus – a structure usually located near the ________________ of an _______________________
________________. The home to the cell’s __________________________.
Mitochondria – use ___________________ to transform the _________________ in food to a form the cell can use to
carry out its activities.
Cell membrane – encloses the cell. Acts as a ___________________________. Found in both plant and animal cells.
Label the Animal cell below and define the labled organelles:
Label the plant cell below and define the labeled organelles.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Cell Wall – Found only in __________________ ___________.
Vacuole – Acts as a _______________ ____________________.
One large one in a plant cell, many smaller vacuoles
In animal cells.
Chloroplasts – Only found in ____________
________________. Responsible for
helping plants make food in
Use sections 082 to answer the following questions.
Tissues, Organs, and Systems
Groups of cells work together to make up ______________________. Blood, for example, is a tissue that includes
different kinds of blood _______________ and ______________________ in a liquid. This ____________________
works to mve substances throughout your body and protect you from illness. ________________ have tissue too.
Just as ________________________ join together to form _______________________, different tissues join together to
from ___________________________. Your ___________________ is an organ that is made from several types of
______________. Roots, _______________, and ___________________ are three __________________ found in many
Organs do not usually work alone. An ___________________ ______________________ is made up of all the
_______________ that work together to do a specific job.
Label the diagram below.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Organ System
Energy and Force
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Turn to section 300 and complete the information below.
Forms of Energy
Law of Conservation of Energy - ________________________________________________________________________
_________________ __________________ is the energy an object has because it is moving. The _______________ the
speed and the mass of the object, the _______________________ its kinetic energy. ___________________________
______________________ is energy an object has because of its position or shape.
There are several forms of energy. Use section 300 and label the diagram with the correct energy transformations.
The energy from the battery = _____________________________
The energy from the battery to the wire = ______________________________________
From the wire to the windmill and tires =______________________________________________
Use section 275 to complete the following.
Forces in Nature
A __________________ is a push or ______________________ on an object. Force is measured in a unit called
______________________ ( __).
Use section 278 to describe the following.
What is the picture below showing?_____________________________________________________________________
Explain it.__________________________________________________________________________________________
Use 280, 281, and 282 to complete the following.
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
More than one force can act on an object at the same time. The __________________ ___________________ on an
object is the ___________________ of the forces acting on it.
When the net force on an object is __________________, the forces are said to be ____________________.
Look at the examples below and fill in the other number.
When the net force on an object is greater than _______________, the forces are said to be ____________________,
____________________ ______________________ produce a change in the motion of an object.
Draw an arrow in the direction that the objects below would move because of their unbalanced force.
45 N
Look at section 284 to help you understand speed, and then look at the graphs below.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Explain what is happening in the graph to the left.
Look at the graph to the right. What is happening
between segment B and C?____________________
Evolution & Adaptation
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Read sections 126 & 127. Fill in the blanks below.
The Theory of Evolution
______________________ are the physical remains of organisms, or an imprint of the physical remains. Fossils also
suggest that ________________________ have _____________ __________________ ___________________. The
______________________ ________ ____________________ describes the ________________ __________________
in organisms that occurs over many generations.
Natural Selection
Darwin defined __________________ _______________________ as the process by which organisms change over
time, as those _______________ ___________________ to their _____________________ _______________ to pass
their traits to the next generation.
Chose two of Darwin’s main ideas about natural selection, and write them below.
1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Adaptation plays a major role in natural selection. An __________________________ is a ________________________
or trait that helps an organism survive in its environment.
Give an example of an adaptation.______________________________________________________________________
Read sections 130, 131, & 132. Fill in the blanks below.
Fill in the triangle below and write a description for each word: population, species, ecosystem, community.
Abiotic factors = non living factors
Factors that Affect Populations
Biotic factors = living factors
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
For many populations to thrive, there must be enough food, water, and living space. Such factors are called
_______________ ____________________ because they limit how many organisms can live in the environment. What
else could be considered a limiting factor?________________________________________________________________
Relationships Between Populations
________________is a type of feeding relationship in which one animal captures and eats another animal for food. The
animal that is eaten is the ________________. The animal that is eating the prey is the _______________________.
__________________________ is a close relationship between two species. There are 3 types:
Mutual ism -_________________________________________________________________________________  
Commensalism-______________________________________________________________________________ 
Parasitism - __________________________________________________________________________________ 
Use sections 134 & 135 to fill in the diagrams below.
______________ show the direction of ____________________ movement in a food chain.
A food web is a system of several overlapping food chains.
Pond grass
1. What are the producers in this food web?
2. Who is competing for the frog as a food source?
3. What is providing the major source of energy for
entire food web?_______________________________
water flea
Use sections 151- 157 to answer the questions below.
4. Who are the two primary consumers in this web?
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
1. What are the three domains in Linnaeus’ system?______________________________________________________
2. In which domain is each kingdom located?
3. List some general characteristics of each Kingdom:
Plant (Plantae) _____________________________________________________________________________________
Animal (Anamalia)___________________________________________________________________________________
Fungi _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Protist (Protisita)____________________________________________________________________________________
Read sections 177 and fill in the notes.
The four main parts of Earth’s structure are _______________________, _____________________________,
_______________________________________, _____________________________________.
Label the following and include one fact about each layer.
Skim section 180, and fill in the blanks below.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
______________ are solid earth materials formed from a mixture of minerals and sometimes other materials.
Rocks are classified into one of three groups. These groups are _____________________________,
________________________________, and _______________________________________
________________ _________________ form deep in Earth’s crust at high temperatures. Igneous rocks form
when ________________ or __________________ cools and becomes solid.
_________________________ ______________________ are made from pieces of rocks, minerals, remains
of living things, and dissolved minerals that come out of water and cemented together. ____________ is
moved by _______________ and ____________________
and piles up (is deposited) on land and on riverbeds,
lake bottoms and the ocean floors.
___________________ ________________________
develops when, over time, heat and pressure inside
Earth squeezes and melts exiting rock.
Rock is changed over and over again through the
____________________ __________________.
Skim section 182, 183, and 184. Fill in the notes and draw pictures where necessary.
The Theory of Continental Drift states ___________________________________________________________
Today’s ________________ ________ ________________ __________________ is a more complete picture
that includes all the evidence that the continents have moved and are still moving.
Uneven heating causes materials in the ________________ to constantly and slowly rise and fall in a
______________________ ___________________________. As convection currents move the molten
material sideways, large portions of the crust, called ___________________________ ___________________,
ride on top across Earth’s surface.
There are three main types of plate boundaries. Name all three below and draw arrows representing which
way each boundary collides.
Skim sections 188 and 189 and fill in the blanks below.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
______________________________ breaks up rock into smaller pieces, much like you might do using a
hammer. There are two types of weathering. ___________________________ ________________________
Takes place when rocks are broken apart by a physical force. Ice wedging, release of pressure,
__________________, and ______________________ are four types of mechanical weathering.
____________________________ _______________________ changes the chemical makeup of the rocks
and minerals. ________________________ (forms when oxygen joins chemically with iron) and rocks
dissolving by acids are two types of chemical weathering.
Skim 195 and write a definition for the Law of superposition below. Draw a picture to represent the law of
Refer to section 114 and fill in the blanks. Sexual Reproduction
When cells from two different parents combine, it is called __________________________ ______________________.
Special cells, called ___________________ and ________________ _________________, are used in sexual
reproduction. These cells form by a type of cell division called _________________________.
Refer to section 115 and fill in the blanks.
When organisms reproduce, traits are passed from parent to offspring. These traits are carried in _________________,
the genetic material found in a cell’s _____________________.
_____________ is a very large molecule with a shape similar to a twisted ladder. (a double helix)
Look at section 116 and fill in the notes below.
A mother cat has a litter of kittens. Each kitten in the litter has __________________ colors, markings, or other
features. Each kitten received a different combinations of ___________________ from its parents. ________________
are segments of DNA that carry instructions for the traits of organisms from parent to offspring. Genes are located on
___________________________ in the nuclei, or ______________ of cells.
Your ___________________ determine your _____________. You inherited your ____________________ and the traits
they carry from your ________________________.
Read over section 121 , 122, and 123 and fill in the blanks below.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
The passing of traits from _______________________ to ___________________ is called ________________________.
Many easily observable ________________________ are inherited, including _______________ and eye color, skin type
and _______________________________.
Every organism has a set of genes that determines its _______________________. These genes occur in
___________________. Each gene in a pair is known as an _____________________________. If one of the alleles
masks the effect of the other allele, is called a ______________________ allele. The allele that is masked by the
_____________________ allele is called a _________________________ allele. Alleles are often written using
_________________. A dominant allele is shown with a ___________________ _____________________, such as “T”
for tallness. The recessive allele for the same trait is shown with a _____________________ version of the same letter.
A table called a ______________________ ________________________ can be used to predict what traits
____________________ will have based on what traits the ______________________ have. In a __________________
________________________, the top f the table shows the alleles contributed by the male. Along the side are the
______________ alleles that the female contributes.
A _________________________ is the set of alleles an organism has for a trait.
A _______________________ is the appearance the trait takes on.
Fill in the blanks
1) For each of the genotypes (AA, Aa or aa) below determine what the phenotype would be.
Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers.
Hairy knuckles are dominant to non-hairy knuckles in humans.
Hh ___________
hh _________________
Bobtails in cats are recessive. Normal tails are dominant.
TT _____________
Tt _________ tt _____________
Round seeds are dominant to wrinkled seeds in pea plants.
Rr _____________
rr ____________
No-cleft chin is dominant. Cleft chin is recessive.
CC ___________
Cc __________
cc _____________
2) For each of the following write whether it is homozygous dominant, heterozygous or homozygous recessive.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Use the following information for questions 3-5:
In dogs, the gene for fur color has two alleles. The dominant allele (F) codes for grey fur and the recessive allele (f)
codes for black fur.
3) The female dog is heterozygous. The male dog is homozygous recessive. Figure out the phenotypes and genotypes
of their possible puppies by using a Punnett Square.
Black fur:
Grey fur:
4) The female dog has black fur. The male dog has black fur. Figure out the phenotypes and genotypes of their
possible puppies by using a Punnett Square.
Black fur:
Grey fur:
Name: _____________________
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Heat and Waves Review
Section 301. Read the section. Write the definition of each of the following words.
Q: What has more thermal energy? A giant, frozen iceberg or a swimming pool filled with boiling
water? Explain. _____________________________________________________________________
Section 303. Read and fill in the blank.
Equalization of Temperatures: Whenever two objects come into contact with each
other, heat will flow from the object with the __________
____________________ to the object with the ____________
___________________. The heat will continue to flow until the temperature of
the two objects has equalized or reached the same temperature.
Q: Draw an arrow indicating where heat would flow. If the ice is at 0ºC, and the
lemonade is about 50 ºC, estimate the temperature of the lemonade after it
Section 304: Read the section. Write the definition of each word.
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Label each method of heat transfer in the picture above.
Section 305. Read and fill in the blank.
One way that energy is transported is through waves. A wave is an ___________________ (A backand-forth or up-and-down motion) that travels from one place to another with a certain
__________________ (speed and direction). Some waves, like sound waves and water waves, travel
through matter. Waves that travel through matter are called __________________________ waves.
Other waves, like visible light, microwaves, X-rays, and radio waves travel through empty space (as
well as though matter). Waves that can travel though empty space are called
____________________________ _________.
Section 306-307: Read and label all the parts of each type of wave.
Label each type of wave below
FCAT Review (grades 6-7-8) 2014
Section 308-310: Read the sections. Label the electromagnetic spectrum. Label the colors of the
visible light spectrum.
Section 311. Read the section. Find the definition of each word and give an example.