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Terry Mills
MHS World History Teacher, Football, and Baseball
Email: [email protected]
World History Syllabus
In this class we will cover history in various parts of the world. We will start with a
review of the Renaissance and work our way up to modern times. The state standards for this
class can be found by following the following link.
Grades: In this class most of the grades in the class will be chapter test. We will usually have 1
test per week unless we are doing something else that week. ALL TEST QUESTIONS are based
of the notes that students take in class. We will also have a few movie reviews throughout the
year. We will watch films that are directly related to the times in history that we have been
covering. During these movie reviews students will have assignments to complete while
watching the films. Other grades may include presentations, projects, and participation grades,
but these will be less common than the test.
If you have and questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email. I look
forward to teaching your children this year!
Terry Mills