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Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness
Prof. M. A. Hannan Feroz
Founder & President
Founder Vice Chancellor
Stamford University Bangladesh
• The Institution or University
• Research Vs. Teaching
Meeting a Class for the First
• Breaking the Ice
• Problem Posting
• Introducing the Syllabus
• Introducing the Text Book
• Assessing Prior Knowledge
• Questions
• What about the Subject Matter
• In Conclusion
Facilitating Discussion: Posing
Problems, Listening, Questioning
• A Little Bit of Theory
• Problems in Teaching by Discussion
• Skills in Leading Discussion
• What Can I Do About Non Participants
• The Discussion Monopolizer
• Appraising Progress
• How Can We have a Discussion if the
Students Have Not Read the
Facilitating Discussion: Posing
Problems, Listening, Questioning
• Barriers to Discussions
• Handling Arguments
• Teaching Students How to Learn
Through Discussions
• Taking Minutes or Notes
• In Conclusion
• Research on the Effectiveness of
• What are Lectures Good for?
• A Little Bit of Theory
• How can Lectures be Improved
• Teaching Students how to be Better
• Should Students Take Notes?
• Organization of Lectures
• How to Get Students Actively Thinking
in a Lecture Situation
• Lecture and Discussions
• Distribution of Lecture and Discussion
• In Conclusion
Testing and Assessing Learning:
Assigning Grades is Not the Most
Important Function
• Reducing Student Frustration and Aggression
• Balancing Specified Objectives with Various
Types of Test Items
When to Test
Test Construction
Helping Students Become Test-wise
Administering the Test
Other Methods of Assessing Learning
In Conclusion
What To Do About Cheating
• How Do Students Cheat?
• Preventing Cheating
• Handling Cheating
• Plagiarism
• In Conclusion
The ABC’s of Assigning Grades
• Do Grades Provide useful Information
for Decision Making?
• Contract Grading
• Competency-based Grading
• Assigning Grades
• Grading on the Curve: A Mild Reprise
The ABC’s of Assigning Grades
• What About the Student Who Wants a
Grade Changed?
• Relevant Research
• In Conclusion
Teaching Large Classes
• Facilitating Active Learning
• Student Anonymity
• Giving Test in Large Classes
• Outside Reading
• In Conclusion
Problem Students
• Angry, Aggressive, Challenging
• Attention Seekers and Students Who
• Discussions
• Silent Students
• Inattentive Students
• Unprepared Students
• The Flatterer, Disciple, Con Man
Problem Students
• Discouraged, Ready to Give Up
• Students with Excuses
• Students Who Want the Truth and
Students Who Believe that Everything is
• Students with Emotional Reactions to
Sensitive Topics
• In Conclusion
Motivating Students for Your Course
and for Life Long Learning
• Motivation Theory
• The Teacher as Model
• Competition Vs. Cooperation
• What Can You Do to Help Students
Improve Their Motivational Strategies?
• In Conclusion
•Thank You