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Case Study Evaluation Criteria
Minimum requirements for the Case Study for your particular Degree Program.
CIS291A MicroComputer Applications
o You may develop your application in MS Word, Excel, Access or Outlook
o Your application must read/write data to a database.
o Your application must generate some Reports
CIS291P Programming
o You must use a programming language.
o Your program must read/write data to a file or database.
o Your program must generate some Reports
CIS291N Networking
o You must develop and document a Network Plan for a new or existing
o The Network Plan must include graphic layout of the network.
o The Network Plan must break down Domains, Workgroups, Global an
Local user Groups and rights
CIS291W Web Technologies
o Develop and Document a website which includes
 Text and graphic presentation
 Audio and Video
 Web form Input and Validation
 Javascript and/or Vbscript
 ASP and/or JSP
 Applets and/or Servlets
 Database access
Only Grades of A, B or C are assigned.
There are no grades of Incomplete (I) assigned for Case Study.
If you are unable to complete your Project by the end of the Semester, you will have to
withdraw and re-register for Case Study.
You are not required to present your Case Study in person. You can provide all of the
files and instructions for viewing and executing your program. If I am unable to test the
execution of your program, you may have to come in and demonstrate it.
The grades are based on:
1. How well the Requirements are met.
2. The Difficulty of the Problem.
3. Program Appearance and Presentation