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Modern World History Course Syllabus
Mrs. Taylor 2016-17
Course Description
Modern World History focuses on history from 1500 C.E. to the present and on the Arlington County 9th grade
theme of “identity”. We will explore the foundations of modern human civilization and how they have
influenced the present political, economic, and diplomatic history. Students will be expected to learn about
the key social, cultural, and intellectual events and movements that have shaped the world.
Unit1: Rise of Civilization to 1500
Unit 2: When World Collide: 1450-1700
Unit 3: The Birth of Modern Europe: 1450-1750
Unit 4: Reason and Revolution: 1500-1815
Unit 5: Nationalism, Industrialization, and Imperialism: 1750-1914
Unit 6: The World in Crisis: 1914-1945
Unit 7: The Cold War Era: 1945-1991
Unit 8: The Contemporary World: 1991-Present
Student Expectations
1. Be Punctual – This means being in your seat and ready to learn when class begins.
2. Be Prepared - Have all of the materials in order to effectively complete the day’s tasks.
3. Be Polite - Treat yourself and others with the respect and consideration everyone
deserves. No profanity or other forms of disrespect will be tolerated. Ethnic, racial, gender,
or other types of personal slurs will not be tolerated even in private conversation.
4. Be Responsible - All class work, homework and assignments are the responsibility of the
student. If you are absent, you must see to it that all work is completed and turned in. Each
student is responsible for his/her own learning. It is expected that students produce their
own work with academic integrity.
5. Participate - You need to be present in both mind and body. There will be a variety of
opportunities for participation in class.
6. Positive Attitudes – The best way to get through anything is with a positive attitude.
Although there are times when things do get tough, remember you can do this!
Student World History textbooks are located on Blackboard and are available 24/7. If you do not have
internet access at home, print textbooks are available for overnight checkout. Please see me to make this
You will need the following materials EACH DAY in class:
1. Three-ring binder to be used for this class ONLY
2. Pen/pencil
3. Loose leaf paper (keep a few sheets in your binder)
Completing assignments thoroughly and regularly is a key component of your success in this class.
Student grades reflect student achievement and not student behavior.
Late work
Work will be considered late if it is not ready to be turned in when I check it or collect it. If you are not
prepared to turn in your work when it is collected, but you turn it in before the end of the school day, then it
will be penalized 25%. Any work turned in one or more days late will be penalized 50%. No late work will
be accepted after the exam for that unit has been given. When absent, it is your responsibility to check for
make-up work and complete any missed classwork. In the event of an extenuating circumstance,
arrangements need to be made with the teacher in advance of a project deadline to discuss a possible
Quarter grades will be determined by percentages
(rounded up at .5) based on the following summative
and formative assessment categories:
Homework: 10%
Participation: 10%
Class work: 30%
Assessments: 50%
Final grades will be an average of your four quarter
grades and final assessment (20% each) based on
quality points (see below). All final calculations of 0.5
and higher will be rounded up to the next quality
point. A grade below 1.0 will not be rounded.
Final grades for the course will be an average of the
student’s four quarter grades and the Final
A=4.0 (90-100)
B+=3.5 (87-89)
B=3.0 (80-86)
C+=2.5 (77-79)
C=2.0 (70-76)
D+=1.5 (67-69)
D=1.0 (60-66)
E=0 (≤59)
Academic Integrity
It is expected that students produce their own unique work. We care about what you think and what you have
to say! Plagiarized work and copied homework will not be accepted. Plagiarism is the act of copying or
closely imitating someone else’s words or ideas and presenting them as your own. Examples of plagiarism
and cheating include (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO) giving or receiving help on any test, copying another
student’s homework, copy/paste from the internet, and discussion of any quiz, test or essay questions with
students who have not yet completed that assignment.
Extra Support
We want you to be successful and enjoy this class. If you need support, please let us know so we can be there
for you and work to find a solution.
I’m looking forward to a productive, challenging, and fun year!
Modern World History Course Syllabus & Information Sheet
Mrs. Taylor
Your first homework assignment is to:
1. Share this syllabus with your parent/guardian and complete the information section
2. Sign and return only this page TOMORROW- keep the first two pages of the syllabus in
your notebook for future reference
My parents/guardians and I have read, discussed and understand Mrs. Taylor’s course syllabus.
Student’s Name (print)
Student’s Signature
Parent’s Name
Parent’s Signature
Parent/Guardian Information
Best time to call me is _____________________________________________________
Phone #s: Home_____________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________________________
What are a few things I should know about your child? Please include things about him/her that
you are most proud of, qualities you admire, or ways I can help him/her be successful.