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S-B-9_Performance Assessment-Natural Selection Concept Map
Natural Selection Concept Map–Student Handout
Objective: Create a concept map to demonstrate your understanding of natural selection.
You will create a concept map about natural selection, based on what you have learned in this
unit. The requirements for this project include:
1. Concept Map
Create a concept map centered on the question, “How do species change over time?” The
concept map should connect all of the related concepts that were studied in this unit. Your
concept map should make logical connections between the concepts, and should be clear to
someone who wants to know how concepts are related to each other. Use linking terms and
phrases to connect the concepts.
In your concept map, be sure to include the following concepts*:
Natural selection
Genetic variation
Alleles (or allele frequency)
Limited resources
*Note: You can add other concepts as needed.
2. Gallery Walk Presentation
Post your concept map on the wall.
As you observe other students’ work, note similarities and differences between other
concept maps and your own.
Use sticky notes to write down and post helpful comments and questions on at least two
other students’ concept maps.