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What is the Central Limit Theorem Video with MrNystrom.
The Fundamental Theorem of Statistics.
Please read pages 421-424 of BVD
MrNystrom begins this discussion with the distribution of what type of sample?
Please describe the shape of the distribution with context and a sketch of the sample distribution.
According to MrNystrom, if we took one sample from a bimodal distribution, what should the
shape of that samples’ distribution look like?
However, MrNystrom makes the distinction between how the distribution of one sample appears
similar to the original distribution and the mean collection of all those samples we took (the
sampling distribution of the sample means). If we take the means of all of those sampling
distributions, then a remarkable theorem emerges called the_________________________
What is remarkable about that theorem? How do you imagine that will be useful for us as we
proceed through this unit?
Please go to page 423 of your book. What is the mean of the sampling distribution equal to?
In MrNystrom example, what is the population mean (context)?
With what nomenclature do we distinguish the difference between the sample mean and the
population mean? That is, what is the parameter and what is the sample? Go to page 273.
What symbol do we use to describe population standard deviation?
In MrNysrom example, what was the sample size of each of these samples?
That is, n= what number?
What adjustment do we make for the standard deviations sampling distribution? Page 423.
In general, as we increase the sample size, what would expect to happen to the standard deviation
of the sampling means? How would this affect the sampling distribution model?