Download Semester 1 Final Exam Topics(Geom. 236)

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Geometry 236
Semester 1 Exam Information
Semester 1 Exam will cover chapters 1-5 AND the transformation unit.
Students will be allowed to used a one 4 by 6 note card (front & back) AND
a property box chart (chapter 5) provided by the teacher.
The exam will be 80 questions including 6 proofs.
worksheets, notes & homework.
Students should study review
Students should bring something to do when they are finished with the exam.
No headphones or cell phones will be allowed.
The following sections will NOT be on the exam: Section 1.8 (statements of logic)
and Section 5.1 (indirect proof)
Topics to Review:
1. intersection and union
2. opposite rays
3. conversion of degrees, minutes, and seconds
4. using degrees, minutes, and seconds to solve problems
5. restrictions on “x” (sample problem #4—pg. 13)
6. triangle inequality –pg. 19 & 22--#13
7. bisecting an angle with degrees, minutes, and seconds (pg 31)
8. red bullets on the top of pg. 41
9. probability written as reduced fractions (sample problems 1, 2, & 4—pgs. 49-51)
1. Section 2.2 (geometry word problems)—sample problems 3 & 4—pg. 68
**2. There are 7 problems on the test related to section 2.2
I will state the “given” AND “prove” statements, and you will supply the reason.
(These are 1 step proofs.)
3. Addition vs. Subtraction
4. Multiplication vs. Division
5. Transitive vs. Substitution
6. Opposite rays and vertical angles
1. translations only
1. Know all the ways to prove congruent triangles: SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, & HL
2. Area of a circle. Look at #11 on pg. 128.
3. Circumference of a circle
4. Medians and altitudes
5. Types of triangles based on sides and angles
6. S3.7 (pg 149) –know all the theorems in this section including bottom of pg. 149
7. Know how to do sample problem 1 on pg. 150
1. midpoint formula
2. S4.2—You will set up the given, prove, and the diagram for one proof. You will
NOT complete this proof.
3. S4.3-if 2 angles are supp. and congruent, then right angles
4. S4.4—perpendicular bisector (2 theorems) –1 proof on final
5. S4.6—slope formula, parallel and perpendicular lines
You may use the “property box chart” on the final. I will provide that for you.
Know how to use the theorems in sections 5.2 & 5.3. (parallel lines and angles)
Crook problem
Know the 5 ways to prove a parallelogram (Section 5.6)—1 proof on final
The final exam will include but are not limited to the following:
1. Many problems are solving for an answer.
2. True/False
3. Always, Sometimes, Never
4. Multiple Choice
5. 7 problems in which the Given and Prove statements are given, and you provide
the reason (These are 1 step proofs.)
6. 1 problem you will set-up with the given and prove statements and the diagram.
7. 6 proofs