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The Carbon Cycle Use the diagram below to answer the questions. 1. Name the process in which plants convert CO2 into carbon compounds? 2. Where in the cycle does CO2 gets released into the atmosphere? 3. Name at least two sites on Earth that are reservoirs of carbon. 4. How are plants and animals useful in maintaining the balance of CO2 in the atmosphere? 5. Name 7 places where carbon exists: 6. List all the roles (3) that plants and trees perform in the carbon cycle on land: 7. After leaves decompose, what may happen to the carbon in them? 8. What is the process called where gases move between the ocean’s surface and the atmosphere? 9. How does carbon get from the atmosphere into fish and then into the ocean sediment? 10. How does carbon from the ocean water get into shells that settle on the ocean floor? 11. Can carbon get from the deep ocean back into the atmosphere? If yes, explain how. 12. What are two major ways that humans affect the carbon cycle? 13. How can these actions contribute to global warming?