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1. When a glass rod is rubbed with silk and becomes positively charged, Why?
2. The resistance of an insulator is _____________________________________
3. Appliances connected so that they form a single pathway for charges to flow are
connected in a(n) _________________________________________________
4. Positive charges ____________ one another.
5. Which of the following is a negatively charged particle?
6. A(n) ______________ is a solution that conducts electricity.
7. Conventional current is defined as the movement of ________________________
8. ___________________ is the opposition posed by a material to the flow of current.
9. Individual components in a parallel circuit experience the same
10. A circuit breaker acts as a switch creating a(n) ________ circuit when current is too high.
11. There is a repulsive force between two charged objects when _____________________
12. Batteries typically have ________________ terminals.
13. Resistance is caused by ____________________________________________
14. The SI unit of resistance is the _______________________________________
15. There is an attractive force between two charged objects when _____________________
16. When there is an equal amount of positive and negative charges on an object, the object
is ________________________________________
17. The electric force between charged objects is ____________________________
18. Potential difference is measured in ____________________________________
19. A device that protects a circuit from current overload is called a _______________
20. The north pole of one magnet will be attracted to ____________________________
21. Generators convert ___________________________________________________
22. _________ poles of a magnet repel, while __________ poles attract one another.
23. The north poles of two different magnets will ____________________ one another.
24. An electric motor converts electrical energy into ____________________________
25. A _________ transformer is used near homes to achieve a lower voltage of 120 V.
26. The north pole of one magnet will be _____________________________________
27. Like magnetic poles always ____________________________________________
28. Transformers can _____________________________________________________