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Field Intensity Lines and Field
Potential Lines
a) The two diagrams show both field intensity
and field potential lines. Which are which?
b) What can be said about the orientation of
electric field lines and electric potential lines?
c) Where is the electric field strongest in each case?
Electric Field Lines and Equipotential Lines
1) Part of the electric field pattern
has been drawn in each of the
diagrams. For each of the
diagrams, add solid lines to
illustrate the shape of the electric
field between the electrodes. Draw
arrows to indicate the direction of
the field.
2) Add dotted lines to show the
shape of equipotential lines
associated with the field.
Millikan’s Oil Droplet Experiment
Two students perform a Millikan-type experiment using spherical plastic beads. The
apparatus is set up as shown below, and a bead is suspended between the parallel plates.
Evaluate the students' four results.
Justify your evaluation of each
Communicate clearly your
understanding of the physics
principles that you are using to
solve this question. You may
communicate this understanding
mathematically, graphically, and/or
with written statements.
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