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* Your assessment is very important for improving the workof artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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General Instructions
• You have the liberty to select the
background, transition effects, sounds, etc.
• Use the Slide Master view to make settings
that apply to the whole document
• Use the following slides as a minimum
requirement. Add to them as necessary to
carry your point through effectively.
• Use figures, photos, diagrams liberally. This
is a visual show!!! We have both a digital
still camera and a digital video camera for
those who wish to use them.
EMCH 367 Project
Name of Project
Group Members’ Names
Mentor’s Name
Spring 2006
• Here is the place to express gratitude for the
help and/or support received from others
• Bullet the main items of your talk
• What?…Describe your product.
• Who?…Identify your target market.
• Why?…Discuss the demand for your
Technical Description (several
slides -- this is the main body)
• How
• Materials Used
• Hardware considerations
– Diagrams, schematics, etc
• Software Considerations
– Subroutines, Difficult Logic?
Simplified Logic Diagram
• (You can arrange this slide somewhere in
your technical description. But you need to
have it in this presentation !)
• Testing
• Problems encountered
Economic Aspects
• Here you should have charts showing
– prototype costs and price
– production costs and retail price
• Use table format similar to that given to you
in the Report Template.
Miscellaneous. Info.
• Commercial Feasibility
• Anything else?
• Wrap up your work nicely and leave a good
feeling about it.